Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Irrational Behavior

Potatoes are cheap, why should I go to the trouble of planting them? A more productive use of time would be to make money and buy potatoes as I need them."
Such thoughts went through my head last Friday as several friends and neighbors came to help plant 200 pounds of potatoes.
"This is a lot of work, and it's only part of the job. We still need to hill them up and cultivate the weeds as the plants grow, then dig them up in the hottest part of the summer. Most people just buy potatoes in the store. Why do I go through this every year?"
Nine of us shoveled manure into the trenches cut by the tractor. Even 3 year old Audrey made herself useful, gently placing potatoes into the row.  The tractor covered everything up again and in a couple hours we were done, Everyone had a great time, Jago the donkey munched grass nearby. Perhaps he'll help with cultivation if we can find a harness that fits.
From a financial perspective, it makes no sense to grow a garden, yet we feel compelled to plant every year. Sometimes the deer or bugs eat everything, one year it flooded and we lost everything. When things go well, even the surplus can be a problem.
You've got to love it.
 For those who don't, our behavior appears irrational.
"Who Is Crazy?"
In 1965, Prabhupad was 'fresh off the boat' from India. After spending his first Winter in poverty, observing the people of NY, he wrote a short essay. "A materialist will think the spiritualist is crazy, while the spiritualist will think material pursuits are vain. Who is correct? Who is actually crazy?" This essay was printed and became the first Hare Krishna flier to be handed out to the public.
Imagine yourself in 1966 as a monk hands you a flier with "Who Is Crazy?" in bold lettering. Very provocative.

Love will cause us to act irrationally.
I think everyone will agree however, that a life without love holds little value.

Further Irrational Behavior
June 22 we are planning a Full Moon Festival, an overnight campout in the garden, under shade trees. A drama troupe will  perform in the Moonlight as we feast on freshly dug potatoes and garden vegetables roasted over a fire.
Why would you want to sleep outside, under the moon and stars, when you have a home and comfortable bed?
To be rational at all times seems crazy to me.
If you agree, please join us in June.