Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Clean and Happy

"This is my favorite activity" she said while loading sheets into her washing machine, "I just love having everything really clean."
"That's a nice thing to enjoy" I commented.
While visiting friends last weekend, I helped my hosts take sheets off the beds for laundry day.
While I also appreciate cleanliness, the act of cleaning is just a chore to get done. Here is someone who likes 'clean' so much, that cleaning makes her happy! She smiled and sang to herself, turning knobs on the washing machine and adding soap, a happy moment in her life."I really like this." She repeated, just in case I hadn't gotten it the first time.
Our quality of life is directly related to what we take pleasure in.
People struggle with addictions, their lives compromised by guilt or legal issues simply because they desire the wrong things.
-Impure desires always lead to suffering.
-Pure desires always bring happiness.
Unfortunately there is no washing machine we can throw our mind and heart into.
Our desires must wash themselves.
It begins with an initial desire to improve.
The next step is to humble oneself, understanding we need help from others.
The process is very pleasant and you may find yourself saying, "I really like this. This is my favorite activity."