Monday, February 13, 2012

Fantastic Bargains in Costa Rica !

 A nearby farm grows melons.
$2 buys a dozen.
I invested $6 and felt rich, with plenty to share and enough to eat my fill.
They’re very sweet.
After finishing one, the natural tendency is to have another, then another.
Why not?
They're less than 17 cents each. 

                                                                        During lunch one day, a monk began an inspired speech. “What if just by wanting it, one could get money? “
We had been studying and discussing a 17th century text describing the step by step progression in bhakti, reaching total absorption in love for God.
“It doesn’t happen that way.", he continued, "You’ve got to work to get money. Yet Bhakti is available simply by wanting it. There is one condition though; you have to want only bhakti and nothing else.”
Time was suspended as the monk brought new light to our studies.
“We have so many other desires in our heart. They are well established, like multi storied corporate buildings with lavish advertising.  Meanwhile we’ve let bhakti move in, she’s got a little kiosk in the mall, hardly noticeable. “
This was getting very interesting; all the monks paused from their meal hoping he would continue.
“Desires for wealth, fame, and sensual pleasures are all well established, but bhakti is patiently sitting there with her product.  Gradually we become frustrated by these other commodities, and bhakti becomes more attractive. What we don’t see is that she is sabotaging these other desires. She destroys their foundation and they begin to topple until she is the only store left.”
“And then she gives her product to you for free.” I added.

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