Thursday, February 2, 2012

Inappropriate Laughter

Every morning after an hour of kirtan and prayer, the group of monks sits to chant gayatri.
It is a focused moment as the sun rises, a dozen of us sitting together in silent meditation. This morning I had a difficult time keeping from breaking out in laughter.
Sounds of the monkeys in the distance reminded me of last night’s episode. One of the workers spied a monkey overhead and imitated their sounds. A tree full of monkeys responded, several other groups of monkeys responded to them making a big ruckus followed by human laughter.
My smile went undetected and I was able to repress the urge to laugh out loud. This tendency of laughing at things going on in my head has gotten me into trouble more than once, especially when I was younger. I’m glad that it still exists, though it continues to cause awkward moments.

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